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per month
  • 9 Exclusive Soy Wax Melties
  • Up to £2,000 Jewel per MeltyBox
  • A chance to win Extra Prizes
  • FREE UK Shipping
  • Quarterly Billing
per month
  • 9 Exclusive Soy Wax Melties
  • Up to £2,000 Jewel per MeltyBox
  • A chance to win Extra Prizes
  • FREE UK Shipping
  • Monthly Billing
  • Order before 24th of March
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per month
  • 9 Exclusive Soy Wax Melties
  • Up to £2,000 Jewel per MeltyBox
  • A chance to win Extra Prizes
  • FREE UK Shipping
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Subscribe to your unique MeltyBox and select your preferred jewel


Discover 9 highly fragranced soy wax Melties, hand poured in the UK


Reveal your surprise Jewel Hidden inside one lucky Melty

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MeltyBox?

MeltyBox is a Subscription box containing 9 Exclusive Scented Soy Wax Melties, which will allow you to experiment with different fragrances. One Melty weights 40 grams and can release the fragrance up to 20 hours. To make this an exciting and unique experience, in one of the 9 Melties included with the box you will find a JEWEL worth up to £2,000.

How do I use my Melty?

To discover Melty’s unique fragrance you can place it in an oil/wax burner together with a tea-light or in an electrical burner. One melty can last up to 20 hours.

How much a MeltyBox subscription costs?

A monthly subscription costs £20  (including P&P). This is a rolling subscription which you can cancel anytime however you will need to do so prior to the following payment.Customers cancelling post deadline will receive the following months box as their last box. A 3 month subscription consists of a one-off payment of £58.50 (including P&P), which is £19.50 per box. A 6 month subscription consists of a one-off payment of £114 (including P&P), which is £19 per box.

When will I receive my MeltyBox?

Your MeltyBox will be dispatched in the last week of the current month. In order to receive your first MeltyBox you need to place your order before the 25th.

Can I return my MeltyBox?

Sadly we do not accept any returns. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re not happy with your Melties as we’ll appreciate your feedback. Maybe a friend of yours will enjoy the MeltyBox instead.

What happens if i don't have enough money to pay on the day you charge my account?

We will contact you via email letting you know that we couldn’t process the payment and advising you to update your details. MeltyBox will attempt to charge your account at a later date and if we are unsuccessful, after few attempts, unfortunately you will not be able to receive your box for that month.

Can I cancel my MeltyBox Subscription?

Yes, you can cancel anytime before the following payment is taken. Please note: Your account will reflect a Pending Cancellation status through the end of your subscription period. On the date currently shown as your next renewal date, the subscription will reflect the fully canceled status. You will be sent any remaining MeltyBoxes as per your most recent renewal but will not be charged again moving forward. You will receive a confirmation of the cancellation via email shortly after completing the cancellation process.

Can I have a refund?

We are unable to offer any refunds, however you can cancel your subscription anytime before the renewal date.

What’s my renewal date?

Your renewal date is the actual sing-up date. For example if you have subscribed on 3rd of February, your renewal day will be the 3rd of March.

What to do about a missing or damaged product?

Should a product in your MeltyBox be missing or damaged, please contact us via email or our contact form for us to be able to send out a replacement. Please include a photo of the damaged item; it will help us to promptly process your query.

Will I receive the same scent every month?

You are guaranteed to receive only exclusive scents for at least 6 months in a row.

What type of jewellery will be included?

With every MeltyBox you will receive one piece of jewellery hidden inside one of your Melties. The jewel can be made of either Sterling silver, White or Yellow Gold and it is worth between £10 to £2,000. A RRP will be displayed on a tag attached to the jewel, for you to have an approximation of how much your jewel will be valued in a UK store.

Can I select my preferred jewel?

Yes! Once you will fill in you details for the subscription you will be asked to select your preferred jewel from either a ring, earrings or a pendant. The jewellery will be randomly selected by our production team as what you receive inside is pure pot luck.

How can I change the jewel for my future MeltyBoxes?

You can change your preferred jewel by login in to your MeltyBox account and select your desired option. ** Please be advised that you need to make the change before your renewal date when the payment leaves your account for this to apply on the current month. If you update your jewel option after this date, your new selection will be valid starting with the next month’s box until you change it again.

Are the £1,000 jewellery placed inside the products?

Due to security reasons all the jewellery with a RRP of £1,000+ will NOT be placed inside the product. Instead you will receive a congratulations message letting you know that you are a winner and instructions on how to claim your jewel. Once contacted we will post your prize via courier along with a certificate of authenticity for your jewel.

Is the jewel protected?

All the jewellery are carefully placed inside a zipped bag and then wrapped in a protective foil to prevent any possible damage. If you find your jewel faulty please contact us including photos of the jewel from at least 3 angles at and we will gladly assist you with this issue.

Can I win anything else other than jewellery?

Yes. Every month one lucky subscriber is guaranteed to win a £3,000 jewel or an Ipad Air. Also there is a change to find discount codes and other exciting prizes.

What if I don’t like the jewel I receive?

As much as we would love for every customer to enjoy their jewel considering that what you receive inside is pure pot luck we won’t be able to exchange it. Maybe a friend of yours will enjoy the jewel instead.